Data analysis in Drug Design
(Responsable: A-C Camproux)


Séminaires et R&D (1 ECTS)
(Persons in charge: A-C CAMPROUX)

Program :
This module aims to enable students to understand the functioning and networks of research in ISDD, whether at the academic level or in companies (start-ups and large pharmaceutical companies).
Meetings will allow students to exchange and discuss with people from the private and academic sectors, who are confronted with current research problems in drug design. These seminars will include presentations from recognized laboratories in drug design, structural bioinformatics and chemoinformatics, both national and international, and depending on the year, presentations from platforms (RPBS, Orphanet), PhD students and former students of the Master's program, participation in a conference in the field, and company visits.
Part 1: How to network: presentation of linkedIn, ISDD Master Group, create a linkedIn CV, learned societies of chemoinformatics and bioinformatics...
Preparation for the post-Master's period: information on the functioning of research in France and abroad. Operation of doctoral schools. National (doctoral schools), European and international (DIM, ANR) thesis funding.
Part 2: Seminars and communication: ISDD alumni will come to present their profession and career (Examples of obtaining a ministerial grant by ISDD Masters students), students will meet professional speakers (Sanofi or Servier start-up or DassaultSystems) who will present their company and its operations, and/or participation in a scientific conference (2021: SFCI and GGM conference)

Evaluation methods :
Attendance and summary of seminars, registration and CV on linkedIn.