International Aspect


- Strong international orientation of these courses :

The strong international orientation of the coursesallows students to develop their ability to adapt to different research systems in Europe and around the world, and to participate in international research projects, thereby opening up a great deal of opportunities for them.

The ISDD Master was cited in 2015 by a top rated journal as a Master of the Future for drug discovery at the international level: «Refining the chemical toolbox to be fit for educational and practical purpose for drug discovery in the 21st Century», Lolli et al, DDT, 2015.

This internationally-oriented master’s degree offers two courses since 2019 (including a double Franco-Italian diploma), each including at least one semester abroad.

  • The program « ISDD-macromolecules », focused on the modelling of biological macromolecule targets, and their interactions with drugs and other chemical molecules. It includes participation by international experts, and a semester of study and/or internship abroad.
    This program gives the opportunity to the students to obtain two diplomas: the Bioinformatics Master ISDD Course - Macromolecule Modeling, for the University of Paris and the Master degree "Infirmation Systems and Technologies", specialty "Computer modeling in pharmacology", for the University of Sechenov (Moscow).
    The Franco-Russian double degree with the University of Sechenov is currently on hold (Université Paris cité has decided to suspend its agreements with Russian universities due to the current conflict).

  • The program « IsDD- bioactive molecules », co-authored by the University of Strasbourg and Paris Cité, is dedicated to the modelling of bioactive molecules and in silico pharmaceutical chemistry. This course includes a semester in chemoinformatics at Strasbourg University, a semester focused on bioactive molecules at the University degli Studi di Milano.
    This program gives the opportunity to the students to obtain two diplomas: The master Bioinformatics course « In silico Design of bioactive molecules » from the universities Paris Cité and Strasbourg and the « Laureate Magistrale in Science Chimiche » from the university degli Study di Milano.

Each of these two specialties corresponds to 50% of the courses in English, and includes at least one semester abroad.
Language courses (English, French, or Italian) are integrated into the curriculum to help students prepare for their mobility and work in international projects.

International professors such as Pr Fernandez-Recio (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Barcelona) in the «Protein docking» module, Dr Xhaard (Finland, University of Helsinki) in the module «hits to leads» will take part in this master as well as researchers from the industrial world such as (Servier, Galapagos, or SANOFI).
As an International Master elected to the IDEX programme of the University of Strasbourg (2015-2017) and «MIEM» of the USPC (2015 and 2016), the Master has been able to count for several months on visiting professors (Pr Ester, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy), for modules of QSAR research unit in environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology, and modelling.

In addition to the Franco-Russian and Franco-Italian double degree agreements with the universities of Sechenov (Moscow) and degli stui di Milano (Milan), bilateral Erasmus and international agreements are established with many European and international universities (Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Helsinki, Spain, Norway, Bulgaria, Belgium, UK, USA, Australia, South Korea)

  • Mobility assistance: Erasmus grant, MIEM grant, etc.