Presentation of the course ISDD-Macromolecules

The program of «ISDD-Macromolecules» course focuses on the modelling of biological macromolecule targets and their interactions with drugs and other chemical molecules. This specialisation is aimed more particularly at students with a background in biology/biochemistry, bioinformatics, or the biomedical field (or chemists with the required knowledge in biology), who wish to acquire in-depth knowledge in modelling therapeutic macromolecules. It includes participation by international experts, and a semester of study and/or internship abroad.

In this course, semesters 1, 2 and 3 will be completed at the Paris-Diderot University (with the possibility of completing semester 2 at the University degli Studi di Milano in Erasmus) and semester 4 in an initial research internship is strongly encouraged abroad.