Liste des stages M2 Année 2011-2012

Dernière mise à jour : 29/11/2011
Titres des stages ** Stages déja retenus
Stage 1 : Bioinformatics analysis of caveolin proteins.  
Stage 2 : Criblage de la protéine C, streptokinase et la protéine PPAR’s- Master Training at the Cardiovascular research Institute Maastricht, the Netherlands **M. Ciantar
Stage 3 : Conception et développement d’une nouvelle fonction de scoring OriBase Pharma, Montpellier, France  
Stage 4 : Coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations of nanoparticles  
Stage 5 : Linking hot spots in molecular interaction space: Relating ligand descriptors to ligand-protein binding modes - University Amsterdam ** Louise De Visser
Stage 6 : Modélisation du canal potassique hERG (human ether-à-gogo-related gene)  
Stage 7 : Détermination d'un modèle pour prédire l’activité des candidats vis-à-vis de la protéine hERG.- University of Copenhagen ** R. Largen
Stage 8 : Antagonists of gankyrin as a treatment for primary liver cancer.- The University of Adelaide ** K. Druart
Stage 9 : Modelling of CDC25 interaction with CDK2-CycA - University of Barcelona **E. Japaud
Stage 10 : Computational study of protein-protein interactions using molecular dynamics and free energy calculations - University of Milano **G. Nzabonimpa
Stage 11 : Computational Drug Discovery group, centre for drug research, faculty of pharmacy (Dr. H. Xhaard) - University of Helsinki **M. Kuenemann
Stage 12 : Computational Pharmaceutical Modeling group, Centre For Drug Research, Faculty of pharmacy (Dr. A. Bunker) - University of Helsinki **N. Mansouri
Stage 13 : The project will involve structural bioinformatic analysis of these proteins to better understand the gain and loss of glycosylation from a structural perspective and potential effect on protein interactions and ligand binding-Departement of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology-GW University- Washington **LAM NGUYEN Vinh Phuc
Stage 14 : Computational Chemistry of Histone Lysine Demethylases and their Inhibitor - Structural Genomics Consortium- Oxford **JEREMIE Aurore